How to Make Turkish Coffee without Cezve

How to Make Turkish Coffee without Cezve? 7 Easy Steps to Follow!

How many kinds of coffee drinks can you count on your fingers? You can’t because there are so many! Also, every type of coffee has its distinct flavour; to enhance it, you need equipment suited to that type—for instance, Turkish coffee!

Turkish coffee is one of the traditional Turkish drinks that are prepared using finely ground coffee beans. It has a unique flavour for which it is popular around the world. However, what separates Turkish coffee from others is that it contains high caffeine content.

In addition to caffeine, another thing that makes Turkish coffee distinct is Cezve, a unique-shaped long-handle Turkish pot. In the Middle East, Arab, and Turkey, people mainly use cezve to brew Turkish coffee.

But is it possible to make Turkish coffee if you don’t have the availability of Cezve? The answer is YES!

In this article, we will learn how to make Turkish coffee without cezve and get a strong and prominent flavour.

Equipment Needed for Turkish Coffee

Before we move on to discuss the steps for making Turkish coffee without cezve, let’s look at the crucial equipment that will be required in the process:

  • Coffee beans
  • Water
  • Spoon
  • small cups
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Cardamom pods
  • Demitasse cup

How to Make Turkish Coffee Without Cezve?

Craving Turkish coffee but lacking a cezve? No worries! Follow the steps below to prepare a rich texture Turkish coffee that too without cezve.

1. Get the Coffee Beans

The first step in brewing Turkish coffee is getting the perfect ground coffee beans. However, the significance of high-quality coffee beans is apparent.

Nowadays, there are multiple online coffee stores where you can get high-quality coffee beans. Kahwati is one of the recommendable places to shop for whole beans and ground coffee (if you’re based in the UK.)

Remember, the more quality ground coffee beans you have, the more taste and aroma your Turkish coffee will have.

Brewing Accessories

2. Pour Water into the Cup

Once you get the ground coffee beans, it is time to get a small, heat-resistant cup.

Cezve comes in a smaller size and typically holds 16 ounces of coffee. Given that, make sure your cup is small but can hold no more than 16 ounces.

Now, place the cup on the table and fill it with water.

3. Add Coffee

It’s time to spoon ground coffee into the water-filled cup. You can also add sugar, but it is optional and up to personal desire.

4. Place the Cup on the Heat

With a spoon, stir the water and ground coffee properly. Later, place the cup on the stove and simmer the mixture for a while over medium heat.

5. Remove the Cup from the Heat

Once the brew has boiled and you start seeing bubbles, wait for it to appear on the top of the surface, then take the cup off the heat, set it aside, and let the bubble settle down for a few seconds.

6. Place the Cup Back on the Heat

Put the coffee back on the stove and, this time, brew it on a lower heat until you see the bubbles appearing on the top again.

7. It’s Time to Serve

Remove the cup from the heat and wait until the ground coffee sinks to the bottom of the cup. Your Turkish coffee is now ready to be served!

Things to Consider When Brewing Turkish Coffee

Things to Consider When Brewing Turkish Coffee

It’s good if you rightly follow all the steps for making Turkish coffee. However, there are some other things that you may need to consider while making the coffee:

Finely Ground Beans

We’ve already talked about how important it is to use high-quality coffee beans, but it’s also crucial to use finely ground coffee when brewing Turkish coffee. Therefore, make sure to grind your coffee beans into a fine powder so that the coffee can develop more flavour.

No Cup? Use a Pot

When brewing Turkish coffee without cezve, small cups are ideal. However, a small pot can work fine if you don’t have any small cups.

Also, ensure the pot has a long handle so you can remove it from the stove and replace it easily.

Accurate Ingredient Quantity

Accurate ingredient proportions are crucial for producing Turkish coffee with a rich flavour. Depending on how many cups you intend to pour, you must ensure that the ingredients, from water to coffee grounds, are measured accurately. Sugar is optional.

Cardamom and Milk

Although Turkish coffee without any added flavourings still tastes strong and rich, you are not obliged to drink it that way. To add some more flavour, you can garnish cardamom or add milk.


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Which Coffee Beans to Use in Turkish Coffee?

You don’t need a particular variety of coffee beans to make Turkish coffee; any coffee beans will work. Though, use Arabica beans if you want to experience the exact flavour of traditional Turkish coffee.

How to Keep Turkish Coffee Safe?

Did you know there are certain tried-and-true methods for keeping your Turkish coffee safe for a while? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Keep the beverage in a cool location. Never place it in front of the sunlight.
  • Always keep Turkish coffee in a sealed jar or bottle.
  • Don’t ever leave a spoon in the jar or bottle.

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Serving Turkish Coffee According to Turkish Customs

Turkish coffee is a popular Turk beverage, and there are particular traditions that must be followed when serving it:

  • As a sign of respect, it is customary to always give the oldest person in the room the first drink.
  • Turkish coffee is typically served with Turkish sweets or chocolates.
  • Always pour milk or cream over the coffee once it has finished brewing.


Turkish coffee is a classic beverage from Turkey that has a rich, frothy texture and a lot of caffeine. Turkish coffee is often produced in a traditional pot called a cezve, but this article specifically discusses how to make it without one.

It’s very clear that if you’re still reading, you now understand how to make Turkish coffee without cezve. So, it’s time to make one and let the flavour of the Turkish drink fill your lips.


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