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How to Find the Best Ground Coffee in the UK?

A great cup of coffee is linked with the type of coffee you are using. So, it is vital to find the best one so you can enjoy a decent taste for your coffee.

The right type and quality allow you to have the best taste for your hot cup of coffee. Since there is so much variety available in the market, you might be wondering how you can find the best one for your coffee.

After all, coffee is an integral part of our lifestyle and you want to ensure that you find the best one. So, to help you out, we will tell you about the factors that you need to consider for choosing the best ground coffee in the UK. Let’s get right into it!

Different Factors to Keep in Mind when Finding the Best Ground Coffee in the UK

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Finding the right fine-ground coffee requires you to get a complete idea about the factors that can impact the taste of your coffee drink.

This way, you’ll become a barista at your home and make the same coffee that you find in the nearest coffee shop. Here are the factors you need to consider.

The Grind Level

When we talk about ground coffee, the ground level is one of the important aspects that you need to look at. There are different types of grind sizes. Below are the top two common ones that you can choose according to your preference.

Fine Grind: This type of grind is where the coffee beans were ground for half a minute, resulting in a fine powdery form. You can use this type of grind for the filter coffee machines since it will prevent them from clogging.

You can buy Kahwati’s specialty fine grind coffee by clicking Here.

Coarse Grind: If you are looking for a cheaper type of ground coffee, then this one is an ideal option for you. The beans are ground for 10 to 12 seconds or less. Therefore, it is optimal for a piston or filter press method to make coffee when the infusion time is as high as six to seven minutes.

If you’re confused about the actual difference between fine-ground and coarse-ground coffee, be sure to read our detailed article on this topic.

Arabica and Robusta

Usually, grocery stores and markets across the UK offer two primary coffee types: Arabica and Robusta. Both of these have a distinctive flavour and understanding their difference will ensure you choose the right one that is suitable according to your preference.

Arabica offers a much more balanced taste with an equal taste of sourness and bitterness. On the other hand, Robusta gives you a much more bitter taste, mainly due to the more caffeine amount that it entails.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Arabica has superiority over Robusta, due to its high quality and taste. One thing to note is that Arabica is grown in various countries. Therefore, the smell and the flavour will vary depending on the country where the coffee is coming from.

The Roast Level

Roast Level of coffee beans

The roast level is also a vital element that plays a significant role in the flavour and aroma you can get from your coffee. Most coffee producers will mention the roast level on the back of their coffee packages.

The highest number is five which indicates that the roast level is the darkest, whereas the number one which indicates that it has the lightest roast. Let’s go over the primary differences between the roast levels.

  • Roast Level 1 – It offers you a subtle and soft taste and the beans have a light brown colour.
  • Roast Level 2 – You’ll notice a slightly bitter taste but it won’t be too noticeable.
  • Roast Level 3 – It has a glossy surface with a dark brown colour. The taste would be on the sweeter side.
  • Roast Level 4 – The taste will be bitterer and the colour of the beans would be intense dark brown.
  • Roast Level 5 – This roast level has a harsh bitter flavour and the colour would be more towards the black side.

The Right Packaging

Last, but not least, knowing the right packaging is vital if you want to find the best quality coffee. While most people would choose a brand that offers them coffee in appealing packaging, there is something apart from the aesthetic appeal you need to look at.

The coffee packaging can have a direct impact on the coffee quality since the flavour can change by oxygen and sunlight. For that reason, you need to choose a ground coffee that comes in air-tight packaging with a valve that helps you smell the coffee.

The valve is an important aspect of packaging since it allows excessive carbon monoxide to release and prevents air from coming into the packaging. Consequently, it will ensure that the coffee retains its aroma and flavour. Therefore, it is best to go for coffee that is in a sealed package with a valve on the top.

The Best Ground Coffee in the UK

Now that you know about the factors to consider when buying ground coffee, you might wonder where you can find the best one. Choosing a reliable brand can ensure that you can get your coffee on time. This is because ground coffee starts to lose its freshness after some time so it is best to have a stock of around 2 to 3 weeks.

Not just that, but the right brand like Kahwati can offer you a wide range of different types of ground coffee. This way, it will allow you to experiment with your coffee and find the best one that is suitable for your taste and preference.

best ground coffee uk

Wrapping Up

We hope you now have a clear idea about the factors to consider when choosing ground coffee. Since coffee is something that most of us need sometimes once or more than once a day, it is essential to find the best ground coffee that can offer you a fantastic taste, flavour, and smell.

So, keep the factors mentioned in this article and choose a reliable brand that can deliver you the best ground coffee in the UK without going through any hassle.

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