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Best Fine Ground Coffee for Espresso Machine- Kahwati

There is nothing more pleasing and satisfying than an espresso shot. It helps you start your day with an energetic and refreshing feel.

Coffee is the most popular drink throughout most parts of the world. Most people tend to enjoy drinking coffee early at the start of the day, while others might need more than a cup to get through their day.

The crema, flavour, and caffeine kick— everything about a perfectly pulled espresso shot is simply amazing. And with an espresso machine, you can become a home barista without any issues.

Although it might sound like an easy task, there are a few things you need to know about to pull the perfect espresso shot. Most importantly, choosing the right beans is imperative since it will either make or break your espresso

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best fine-ground coffee for an espresso machine. And, it will allow you to enjoy the same taste for your coffee that you can get at a coffee shop.

Ground Coffee: Brief Overview

Ground Coffee

Before we move on towards the best fine-ground coffee for espresso machines, we need to understand what it is. This way, it will be a lot easier to find the best one for you.

Ground coffee is the most common type of popular coffee that you’ll find throughout stores and shops. To put it in simple words, it is what brewed coffee is made of. To get a better understanding of this, let’s delve deeper into its history.

The coffee comes from coffee trees, which produce cherries. The cherries go through various processes which help get tiny seeds, known as green coffee beans. Next up, the coffee producers roast these beans so they get ready for consumption.

This ultimately gives whole coffee beans which are ground into tiny particles so it releases all the flavour it contains. Different machines can help ground coffee beans, such as mortar, food processors, coffee grinders, etc.

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Best Fine Ground Coffee for Espresso Machines

So, where can you find the best fine-ground coffee for an espresso machine? Well, Kahwati has the answer right here for you. We offer you a wide range of whole coffee beans that you can choose from according to your preference. You can choose any one of the following options.

Whole Coffee Beans – Dark Roast

On top of the list, we have the dark roast whole coffee beans that have gone through a roasting process that has given them full-bodied, bold flavours. It is an ideal option for your espresso machine.

If you enjoy a strong caffeine kick with a thick crema, then the dark roast allows you to get that flavour without any hassle.

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Whole Coffee Beans – Medium Roast

Anyone who prefers a slightly strong coffee flavour can go for the medium roast whole coffee beans. An exceptional flavour that you can enjoy at the start of your day, when at work, or when coming back home.

Its delicate and balanced flavours will give you an amazing taste when paired with milk or for light espresso lovers. Choose these whole coffee beans to become a barista at your home.

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Whole Coffee Beans – Defac Coffee

The defac coffee gives you a unique experience that you would find in the different coffee drinks that you’ve had before. With notes of cinnamon, dark chocolate, and caramel, it has just the right taste.

Pairing it with barista-quality oat milk will allow you to enjoy its unique essence and taste. So, give it a try and we can tell for sure that it would become your next favourite coffee flavour.

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Whole Coffee Beans – Roma Blend

The coffee from the Americas and East Africa, the Roma blend offers you a strong flavour. If you want something that can help you energize yourself after getting out of bed, then the Roma blend is the optimal choice for you.

We sustainably procure these single-origin whole beans from high altitudes in Colombia. Therefore, they are environmentally friendly, helping us work towards sustainability.

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Whole Coffee Beans – House Blend

Last but not least, the house blend whole coffee beans is an optimal choice that will sit well with your espresso machine. The tasting notes include a vibrant feel with a taste of candied fruit and dark chocolate.

It is our signature blend that is the top pick for customers who want to enjoy an exceptional drink whenever they want.

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best fine ground coffee for espresso machine

Is it Fine If I Use Pre Ground Coffee for Espresso Machines?

It is completely fine if you want to use pre-ground coffee to make an espresso shot through your espresso machine. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be a fine grind. It can be a little challenging to find it in local supermarkets, but a reliable brand like Kahwati can help you get it in no time.

Also, another important factor to consider is that the grind needs to be fresh. It will give a better taste to your coffee so it is highly recommended that you go for a fresh grind.

As soon as the coffee is ground, it will start to release CO2, causing it to lose its flavour. So, it is best to use pre-ground coffee within a couple of weeks so it maintains its flavour.

The Bottom Line — Choosing Fine Ground Coffee for Your Espresso Machine

That being said, our article on best fine ground coffee for espresso machine comes to an end. We hope you now have a clear idea about the types of ground coffee beans that you can use with your espresso machine to make an espresso shot.

You can choose any one of them that is mentioned in this article and enjoy drinking coffee at your home.

The right espresso shot sets the tone of your drink. If you are a fan of cappuccino or latte, then you need to choose the best ground coffee.






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