best coffee beans to use with breville espresso machine

Best Coffee Beans to Use with Breville Espresso Machine

The Breville espresso machine is a great machine to have by your side to enjoy a hot cup of coffee every day. 

The high-quality, luxury espresso machine allows you to become a barista and get the same taste of coffee that you can find at any coffee shop. However, the coffee that the Breville espresso machine makes will highly depend on the coffee beans you use.

While an optimal espresso machine is vital to make exceptional espresso, we simply can’t ignore the significance of choosing the right coffee beans.

They will supplement the Breville espresso machine perfectly, giving you an amazing espresso. So, how do you choose the best coffee beans to use with Breville Espresso Machine?

We will spill the beans about the best coffee beans that you can use with the Breville espresso machine. Moreover, this blog post will also cover tips to help you find the best coffee beans.

The Best Coffee Beans to Use with Breville Espresso Machine

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The whole coffee beans or dark roast can be an optimal choice to go with your Breville espresso machine. But, it could differ from person to person, depending on their taste and preferences.

With so many options available in the market, it might become difficult for you to choose the best coffee beans. So, to make things easy for you, we have narrowed down some of the best coffee beans you can find in the market for your Breville espresso machine.

Whole Coffee Beans – Dark Roast

Whole beans are an ideal option that you can choose for making coffee using your Breville espresso machine. The dark roast gives you a smooth flavour with a velvet touch. In addition to that, you can enjoy good crema that can enhance the overall taste of your coffee.

It gives you a strong flavour along with a slight taste of brown sugar. An important thing to note is that you need to finely ground the beans so it doesn’t block the grinder. It will ensure that you enjoy a perfect shot of espresso with a great amount of crema.

Whole Coffee Beans – Medium Roast

If you don’t enjoy a very strong flavour for your coffee, then the other option is whole coffee beans – medium roast. It is rich in taste and is an exceptional choice for your espresso shot using the Breville espresso machine.

The best thing about the medium roast is that you’ll enjoy notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and cinnamon. Moreover, you can pair it with cow milk or any other nut milk of your choice.

best coffee beans to use with breville espresso machine

Whole Coffee Beans – House Blend

House Blend offers you an exceptional taste with notes of cocoa and toffee. With a simple touch of sweetness, you can use these coffee beans to make an espresso shot using the Breville espresso machine.

The best thing about it is that a forgiving coffee flavour, which means that it allows you to experiment and make mistakes. Also, it goes well with milk, making it an ideal choice if you want to enjoy a hot cup of latte or cappuccino at the start of your day.

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Tips to Help You Buy the Coffee Beans for Your Breville Espresso Machine

different types of Coffee Beans

In order to find the best coffee beans that you can use for your Breville espresso machine, you need to know about the factors to consider when buying one. It will ensure that you find the best one that is compatible with the machine and suitable for your taste.

Coffee Type

There are two main options when it comes to coffee types – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is known for its amazing quality and aroma.

Therefore, Breville recommends that coffee enthusiasts choose this coffee type. Conversely, Robusta is known for its bitter and harsh taste. So, it is best to go for Arabica beans.


Another important factor to consider when choosing coffee beans for your Breville Espresso Machine is the roast level. It doesn’t only impact the flavour of the coffee but also influences how easily you can extract it. When you roast the coffee beans, they become spongy. As a result, it allows you to extract the flavours and aromas when brewing it.

Though the Breville espresso machine can make espresso with any roast level, you need to keep in mind that coffee beans that have light roast are less porous. Therefore, it isn’t an easy task to extract coffee from them.

Ideally, it is best to use a medium or dark roaster to make espresso using the Breville espresso machine. The greater porosity makes both these roast levels a more viable option, and you can easily work with them.

Nevertheless, personal taste and preference are critical elements when deciding on the roast degree. Anyone who enjoys rich coffee can go for a darker roast. On the other hand, if you enjoy a mellower cup of coffee, then the lighter roast is a more optimal choice.

Check the Freshness

When we talk about buying coffee beans, freshness is one of the most crucial elements. It is best to buy beans that are roasted in the last few days. You can buy coffee beans that come with a roast date.

This type of information is usually difficult to find in supermarkets. So, it would be best if you find a reliable online brand that will ship you freshly roasted coffee—we recommend choosing Kahwati. Also, you should calculate the amount of coffee you need for each month.

An optimal approach is to go for a batch of coffee beans that can last you for a couple of weeks. The coffee beans will retain their freshness and you wouldn’t run out of coffee.

A win-win situation for you!


We hope this article helped you understand the different types of coffee beans that you can use with your Breville espresso machine. An exciting element about coffee is that today you can find a wide range of flavours. So, you shouldn’t shy from trying out different experiments with your coffee.


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