Americano or Cappuccino

Which is Stronger Americano or Cappuccino? Answered

Out of all the popular coffee drinks that you can find, the Americano and Cappuccino are the favourite choices for many people.

Both these drinks have a unique flavour and offer a distinctive experience. The high popularity of these drinks is the main reason why most coffee shops have them on their menu. And many people have these drinks as an integral part of their day-to-day routine.

So, if you’re bored of the same old conventional coffee, then these amazing drinks can be amazing alternatives. However, as an avid coffee drinker, you might want to know which one is stronger.

After all, coffee is the one thing that can help us focus on our work. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of what an Americano and cappuccino are and which one has a much more strong flavour.

Americano and Cappuccino: What do These Drinks Entail?

Simply put, cappuccino is made from one or more shots of espresso, with steamed milk, and milk foam. On the other hand, an Americano is an espresso drink in which you’ll add hot water to dilute its hard and bitter flavour.

Understanding what both drinks are and the ingredients they contain. It will become easier for you to choose the best drink according to your taste.

The one similarity between these drinks is that it usually contains two shots of espresso. The cappuccino contains one or two espresso shots with steamed milk foam on the top. 

Some people might choose to sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate on the top of the drink to enhance its overall presentation.

Conversely, the Americano contains two shots of espresso, and you top them off with hot water. Not only adding the water will dilute the hot water and give you a less strong taste from your Americano, but it will also increase the overall volume.

Which is Stronger, Americano or Cappuccino?

Americano VS Cappuccino

Most coffee lovers want to enjoy a strong coffee that helps them feel energized. So, if you are a coffee drinker who prefers to drink strong coffee, then you might have a question in your mind which is stronger Americano or cappuccino?

In most cases, the Americano has a stronger flavour than a cappuccino. While both of them have the same caffeine content, the hot milk in the cappuccino is much more effective in diluting the strong espresso flavour.

The Americano only has hot water, which is why it has a much stronger flavour than the other drink. Also, the cappuccino has a sweeter taste due to the frothed milk added to the drink.

Since milk has some national sugar, it will give you a slightly sweet flavour for your cappuccino. When it comes to the Americano, you’ll notice it is slightly towards the bitter side in comparison with the cappuccino.

But it is quite less strong and bitter than the espresso, giving you a balanced. Of course, you can make the Americano or the cappuccino sweeter by adding sugar.

Critical Differences between the Americano and Cappuccino

Differences between the Americano and Cappuccino

While both drinks might contain espresso, there are significant differences that set them apart. Let’s explore the key differences between the Americano and cappuccino in more detail.


First and foremost, the taste of both drinks is completely different. The cappuccino has a more creamy and airy flavour. Also, you’ll enjoy the slight sweetness due to the milk. Additionally, the taste of the espresso is quite low in the cappuccinos.

In contrast, you will get a more mild taste from the Americano. It is a light-roast brewed coffee that is less acidic compared to espresso but will be more acidic than a cappuccino. It is an optimal choice for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy different black coffees, such as Turkish coffee.


Another critical difference between both drinks is the serving. When serving a cappuccino, most baristas usually pour the drink into a ceramic cup that is round in shape.

If you want to see the layers in the cappuccino, then you can serve it in a glass. Cappuccinos are also served with milk foam with sprinkled chocolate, cinnamon, or cocoa on the top.

The Americano has a much simpler serving since you don’t have to add the milk on top. You can simply add hot water to the espresso shots and that is pretty much it.


The basic ingredient in the Americano and cappuccino is the espresso. Apart from that, the only other ingredient that you need for the Americano is hot water.

This is one of the key advantages of the Americano that you don’t need to have a lot of things to make it. You can easily make a hot or iced cup of Americano at your home according to your preference at any time.

Similarly, the cappuccino isn’t too difficult to make at home. The only thing that you need is milk to dilute the bitter flavour of the espresso.

Brewing Process

Last but not least, the brewing process for the Americano is also different from a cappuccino. You need to have an espresso maker to make the espresso shot. Also, you need to have something to boil the water.

The process for cappuccino can be a little bit more complex than making an Americano. It requires you to have a milk steamer to froth up the milk. It is an integral part since the milk foam on top of the cappuccino sets it apart from other espresso-based drinks.

Americano or Cappuccino – Which One Should You Choose?

So, you might wonder which drink will be suitable for you. It comes down to two things: your taste and preference.

If you enjoy a creamy coffee with a slightly sweet flavour, then you can go for the cappuccino. Adding whole milk can give you a creamier taste.

But, if you want something stronger than the cappuccino but lighter than the traditional espresso, go for the Americano. It is an ideal choice if you’re not a fan of coffee with sweetness.

Nevertheless, we’ll suggest you try out both of these amazing drinks once and then decide which one is the best for you.

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