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Is Americano Stronger than Latte? Explained

Indeed coffee shops are the go-to places for many of us. For many, it’s the best place to hang out with buddies like FRIENDS; for many, it is the ideal location for meetings and productivity.

However, coffee shops can leave you puzzled. This happens when you look at the menu card but are still trying to decide which coffee to order, especially when there are so many options to choose from.

In this article, we will stick to the likes of two coffee drinks: Americano and Latte. Both these drinks are espresso ingredient coffee, yet many things make them different from each. We will talk about those differences and will specifically discuss “is Americano stronger than latte”?

But before that, an overview of both coffee drinks is necessary. So let’s get started!

What is an Americano?

Americano coffee in a cup

An Americano is just espresso with hot water. It is not a cappuccino or a macchiato but can be served in the same style.

This coffee drink is not sweet and contains no amount of milk. It is simply made from 2 espresso shots and water. However, the exact contents may vary depending on the barista; otherwise, typically, you will receive 60 ccs of caffeinated goodness in each order.

What is Latte?

Latte coffee in a cup

Latte is one of the creamiest espresso coffee drinks. It is made from espresso shots and steamed milk with foam on top of its layer.

Lattes are a rich-style coffee drink with a touch of cream and sweetness. The milk foam on top is typically added to give the beverage a velvety feeling.

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What is the Difference between an Americano and Latte?

The espresso base is one of the similarities between an Americano and a latte. However, what distinguishes them is their flavour and makeup.

While an Americano requires just espresso shots and boiling water, a latte needs 1/4 espresso and 1/5 heated milk.

Additionally, because water is used in place of milk in an Americano, it is more comparable to drip coffee. On the other hand, a latte more strongly gives the impression of a creamy beverage.

Compared to a latte with a thick viscosity that tastes earthy, bitter, and slightly sweet, an Americano has a more robust, somewhat acidic, bolder flavour.

Is Americano Stronger than a Latte?

Yes, an Americano tastes significantly stronger than a latte, and the main reason is how they are both made. An espresso is combined with steaming milk to make a latte; steamed milk reduces the espresso shots and produces a less final solid coffee. However, to make an Americano, you need to use a 1:2 ratio of espresso to water. Water does dilute espresso now, but the flavour remains unaffected.

That is why an Americano gets ready to be stronger than a latte.

An Americano or a Latte: Their Making at Home

The following are the steps to making an Americano at home:

  • Start your espresso maker
  • Weigh out the finely ground coffee
  • Get your containers ready
  • Mix the coffee beans
  • Make some espresso
  • Boil the water
  • Mix your espresso and water together

Making a latte at home is quite an easy process. The following are the steps to making a latte at home:

  • Steam the milk
  • Frother the milk
  • Mix espresso and milk
  • Now pour it into a cup of coffee and add a milk foam on top.

Is there Milk in an Americano?

As previously discussed, an Americano is prepared using water and express shots with a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3; that’s it. There comes no addition of milk unless you are eager to add a little on top of the coffee to give a little milky flavour.

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Does an Americano have more Caffeine than a Latte?

caffeine in coffee beans

The caffeine content of an Americano and a latte is typically 63 mg for one espresso shot. However, you can add an additional espresso shot to your coffee if you prefer a strong coffee with extra caffeine in the morning to get your day going.

Does an Americano or a Latte contain Calories?

Since only water and espresso are used to make an Americano, there are virtually no calories in it when you drink. Yet, even so, a latte contains milk, and the beverage generally has a modest number of calories.

Which One’s the Best to Try?

It is highly recommended that you try both of these coffee drinks because they are both distinctive in their own right. However, depending on your coffee preferences, you can choose the right one.

If you enjoy drinking black coffee and require a strong beverage, especially in the morning, there is no better beverage than an Americano. On the other hand, a latte is the finest choice if you prefer your coffee to have a sweet flavour and a thick texture.

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If you recently began drinking coffee regularly and haven’t joined many coffee meetings in cafes, you haven’t yet experienced confusion over the various coffee drink options—because there are too many.

In this article, we briefly discussed Americano coffee and latte coffee. Also, we reviewed how they differed and attempted to end the curiosity about “is Americano stronger than a latte.”

Now that you know the distinctions between them, it’s time to sample the drinks’ actual flavours. Visit your local café right away to see which one best suits your mood, or get whole coffee beans from Kahwati and treat yourself to a cup of black coffee in the morning.


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