How to Make a Starbucks Americano in Kahwati Style? 7 Easy Steps

If you are a coffee aficionado then you might have the desire to make a Starbucks Americano at your home.

The Americano is an espresso-based drink that many people enjoy having throughout the day. Therefore, it is a staple item that you’ll find at most coffee shops, including Starbucks.

However, you might not feel like going all the way to Starbucks to grab your favourite coffee drink. You would love to know a way to enjoy this amazing drink at your home.

So, if you are wondering how to make a Starbucks Americano at your home, then this article will give you all the relevant information you need. You’ll be able to recreate the magic at your home without having to visit Starbucks.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

How to Make a Starbucks Americano? Step by Step

According to Statista, the UK is one of the top five countries that have the most Starbucks stores. The country has more than 290 company-operated stores and more than 790 licensed stores.

So, it is a no-brainer that Starbucks is a popular coffee shop throughout the UK. However, many people would like to make an Americano at their home that has the same taste and flavour as Starbucks.

To help you out, we have listed the step-by-step process so you can make one at your home. But before that, here are a few things that you need to have before you start preparing a Starbucks Americano at your home:

  • Hot Water (Preferably at boiling temperature)
  • Grinder
  • Espresso Coffee Beans
  • Coffee scale
  • An espresso tamper
  • An Espresso Machine

An important thing to note is that the coffee beans and their precise measurement play a vital role in helping you get the same flavour for your Americano as Starbucks. Let’s go over the steps you need to follow.

Step 1 – Find the Best Coffee Beans and Measure Them Properly

Coffee Beans

Finding the right coffee beans is vital since it will ensure that you get a good flavour from your Americano. So choose the best coffee beans from a reputable brand.

In this recipe, we’re using Kahwati Specialty Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans.

Next up, you need to measure the coffee beans precisely. We would recommend using around 15 to 18 grams of coffee beans for a double shot of espresso. While you can go for a single shot of espresso for your Americano, it would simply not be strong enough.

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Step 2 – Grind the Beans into a Fine Powdery Form

Grinded the Beans into a Fine Powdery Form

The grinder plays a vital role in helping you make a great espresso. This way, you’ll ensure you enjoy an amazing taste of your Americano. You can take your coffee beans and then grind them into a powdery form.

Step 3 – Put the Coffee into the Portafilter

Put the Coffee into the Portafilter

After you grind the coffee beans, put them into a portafilter to prepare your shot of espresso. You can use a tamper to properly tamp the coffee.

Step 4 – Place the Portafilter into the Machine and Make the Espresso Shot

Place the Portafilter into the Machine and Make the Espresso Shot

Now is the time to place the portafilter into the coffee machine to make a shot of espresso. You can set the machine settings according to your preference to brew a shot of espresso.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, there are other ways to make a shot of espresso as well. You can make one through a Nespresso machine, Moka pot, etc.

Step 5 – Boil the Water

Boiling the Water in pan over stove

The most common question that comes into the mind is how hot the water should be. There is no precise temperature but there are a few things that are worth considering.

If the water is too hot, it will take some time to cool down before you can enjoy your espresso. If the water is a bit cold, the espresso will lose its flavour. Ideally, it is best to heat the water to around 70 to 75°C.

Step 6 – Mix the Hot Water and the Espresso

The ratio of hot water to espresso is around 1:2, but you can tweak it depending on your personal preference and taste.

Tip: Starbucks recommends that you pour the espresso into the hot water rather than the other way around. This way, it will save the beautiful crema from any sort of disruption and you can enjoy a perfect taste of it.

Step 7 – Enjoy Your Hot Cup of Americano

Hot Cup of Americano

It’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work and enjoy your hot cup of Americano!

You can enjoy it as it is or try out some different variations to satisfy your taste buds. We will leave room for creativity for you to try out different experiments with your Americano.

If you want to play with different flavours, we offer a range of coffee beans flavours for you. Click Here to check them out!

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How is the Americano Different from the Regular Black Coffee?

Many people might confuse traditional Americano as the same thing as black coffee. That is not the case since various factors separate both of these espresso-based drinks. Here are a few of them:

  • Process: The process that goes behind making an Americano and black coffee are completely different. The Americano is made with espresso, whereas most people and coffee shops use a drip/coffee machine to make black brewed coffee.
  • Flavour: While both espresso-based drinks give you strong flavour, it is relatively easier for you to reduce the strong flavour of Americano by varying the amount of hot water.
  • Caffeine: Most people who prefer to have a high amount of caffeine can burn the beans for a long time for additional caffeine in their black coffee. For an Americano, you would have to double the espresso shot for a higher caffeine intake.


Having an Americano once in a while at the nearest Starbucks from your location is great. However, you would love to enjoy this amazing espresso drink daily and that is why we prepare the recipe for you.

Now, you can recreate the same magic at your home without going through a lot of hassle. It is a low-cost drink that will help you stay warm and cosy during the winter season.


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