Coffee Gift Sets

Coffee Gift Sets: Buy the Best One for Your Loved Ones

Want to find the perfect gift for your close ones but don’t have any ideas about it? Don’t worry because we’re here to tell you about the best coffee gift sets.

People around us love coffee – some might not be able to start their day before they smell the aroma of a hot and fresh cup of coffee. You might have people around you that would prefer coffee over any other beverage to relieve their stress and tension.

These people are die-hard coffee enthusiasts that would choose to have coffee any time of the day. And if you know someone like this, then there is no better gift for them except for coffee gift sets.

Not only will it make their day more memorable, but they’ll certainly remember you for this amazing gift when making an espresso through the compatible pads or sipping coffee with the coffee cups and saucers that you gift them.

Gift-giving is a challenging task, but we’ve tried to make it easy for you. We’ll cover a plethora of coffee gifts that you can choose from according to your choice. Let’s get right into it!

Coffee Gift Sets: Top Ideas that You can Choose from 

Gift and Accessories

These hand-picked items are an optimal choice for every occasion. You can choose either one of them for your special ones to show your love and affection.

Kahwati Starter Volume 1 – Coffee Beans and Accessories

The Kahwati Starter is a complete package that comes with all the things you need to enjoy a hot cup of coffee at any time. It comes with freshly roasted whole coffee beans along with two cups and saucers.

This starter pack is a unique gift idea that you can treat your loved ones with. Want to know the best part? You can choose the roast level according to your preference. Pick the medium or dark roast and surprise your loved ones with the Kahwati Starter pack.

This gift box entails 1 kilogram of dark roast or medium whole coffee beans that you can choose from according to your preference. You can choose the grind level depending on the gift recipient’s taste.

The dark roast has a rich and bold flavour with slight notes of cocoa and vanilla. Furthermore, you can get a strong caffeine kick and thick, smoky crema from this coffee.

On the other hand, we have medium-roast coffee beans that give you a balanced flavour. The aroma, flavour, acidity, and crema are just perfect, and it works amazingly well if you pair it with milk.

Purchase it by clicking over here!

Specialty Coffee Pods Gift Set – Medium Roast

Next up, we have the speciality coffee pods gift set that can help you get a hot cup of coffee every morning. It is an exceptional coffee that comes in compact Nespresso-compatible pods.

You can introduce your loved one to the brand-new Kahwati coffee capsules that offer high-quality coffee without any inconvenience. The best part is that you can add a gift message to your loved ones.

The gift set comes with 30/60/100 pods that have a medium roast. Whether you want an espresso or latte, these pods will be a good choice for any coffee drink. You’ll get a strong yet balanced flavour with slight notes of hazelnut, cocoa, and vanilla.

In addition to the pods, you’ll find two cups and saucers of 80 ml. These cups are ideal for any coffee drink, such as espresso, latte, lunge, and much more! The aesthetic design gives it an engaging look, while the finest porcelain material makes it durable for a long time.

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Specialty Coffee Pods Gift Set – Dark Roast

Everyone has a different taste preference when it comes to coffee. Some might prefer enjoying a delicate and balanced taste, while others might feel the need to get a strong flavour.

So, if you’re sending a gift to someone who wants to enjoy a stronger taste with more caffeine, then this set is a more suitable option.

This gift box contains Nespresso-compatible gift pods of dark roast that give you a stronger taste for your coffee. It gives you full-bodied, bold flavours that bring out the best of your coffee.

And not just that, pair it with cow, oat, or any other nut milk to enjoy other espresso-based drinks, such as latte, cappuccino, and more!

It is an all-in-one complete package for your loved ones. Just like the gift set for a medium roast, this package also comes with two cups and saucers of 80 ml.

Whether you’re having some guests over or just want to have a cup of coffee by yourself, these cups and saucers can work in both situations.

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Coffee Connoisseur Set

Last but not least, the coffee connoisseur set by Kahwati is a collection of various products that allow your loved ones to experience different flavours.

It contains freshly roasted whole coffee beans along with cardamom pods and various flavours of ground coffee. All these things are packed in a single gift set!

The gift box entails 1kg of whole coffee beans along with the following items:

  • Kingdom Blend 250g: The ideal roast that entails a mellow body along with light flavour while saving most of the caffeine from the coffee beans.
  • Istanbul Blend 250g: Experience Turkish coffee with the Istanbul blend, which is a rich and hearty blend
  • Sham Blend 250g: A balanced roast with light notes of cocoa and a fruity aftertaste to provide you with an amazing coffee flavour
  • Green Guatemalan Cardamom Pods 50g: These high-quality pods are extremely tasty and go perfectly with all of our Arabic Blends.

Choose this wonderful gift set at a budget-friendly price that is an ideal choice for every event.

Buy this gift set from here.

Pick the Best Coffee Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones 

These coffee gift sets will save you from the hassle of going through different gift ideas for your loved ones. You can go through them and decide the best one to show your feelings!


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