Specialty Coffee Beans

Best 1KG Specialty Coffee Beans that You can Find in the UK

Making an optimal cup of coffee requires you to have the best specialty coffee beans.

However, finding authentic and high-quality specialty coffee beans can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, Kahwati aims to search for the best 1kg specialty coffee beans easily for consumers.

The specialty coffee beans allow you to make rich and pleasant coffee that can help you kick-start your day. It allows you to make the same coffee as a professional barista.

This article will cover the best specialty coffee beans that you’ll get from Kahwati and what makes them unique. Not just that, we’ll also tell you about some other products that you can get from Kahwati for specialty coffee.

Specialty 1KG Specialty Coffee Beans: Brief Overview

Specialty Coffee Beans

Before we move on to specialty coffee beans, we need to understand what they are. Specialty-roasted coffee comes from higher altitudes and has a score of a minimum of 80 points out of 100 from Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA).

Specialty coffee isn’t something new as it dates back to the start of the 20th century. However, the term became popular during the 1970s when various companies such as Starbucks started offering this coffee to customers. It soon became a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts who wanted to try something new.

The farmers have to handle the specialty coffee beans with care to ensure they bring out the best of the flavours. From there, the farmers then send it to the traders at a premium price or pass it to the roasters directly.

Once the coffee beans reach the markets, the coffee traders and roasters start experimenting with them. They create custom profiles for each flavour to improve the natural essence in the beans.

Hence, they finally get the specialty coffee beans which are then shipped to coffee shops and baristas. Using specific equipment and recipes, the coffee shops and baristas provide their customers with various beverages.

Best 1KG Specialty Coffee Beans that You can Get from Kahwati

Best 1KG Specialty Coffee Beans

Now that you know what specialty coffee beans are, you might want to try out and experience this amazing coffee for yourself. Kahwati makes it easy for you to find the best coffee beans in the market. There is a variety of blends that are available for our customers.

Dark Roast

If you want something dark and intense from your coffee, then the dark roast is just the right thing for you. It offers you an intense kick of caffeine that will allow you to stay energised throughout your day.

Additionally, the slight notes of brown sugar mitigate the bitterness that will you commonly find in the dark roast. Moreover, the thick crema and a pleasant aroma are just the things coffee lovers enjoy from their cup of coffee.

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Roma Blend

The Roma blend is the perfect choice for those who want something darker and stronger than the dark roast. Its robustness makes the Roma blend an optimal option for espresso-based beverages.

Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy an aftertaste of dark chocolate from your coffee. The infusion of the strong flavours along with the caffeine boost makes the Roma blend the best option for your early-morning coffee.

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Medium Roast

With just the perfect balanced taste, specialty coffee beans with a medium roast are a popular choice in our customer base. The special spices and flavours such as chocolate and cinnamon will give you an amazing flavour.

You can pair it with any type of milk and get an exceptional taste from your coffee without having to wait in long lines at the coffee shops.

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House Blend

The specialty coffee beans with the house blend are the go-to option for those who prefer to enjoy a lighter blend. While it may not have the same level of darkness or intensity as the dark roast, it will still give you a fantastic flavour from your coffee.

It is a mixture of complex fruity and chocolaty edges that gives it a unique flavour. Additionally, our brewing process ensures that these specialty coffee beans with the house blend bring out the best savours from your coffee.

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Defac Coffee

Although most people enjoy drinking coffee for its high caffeine intake, some might not want that from their coffee. People today are health conscious and want to limit their consumption of caffeine. For such consumers, Kahwati offers Defac specialty coffee beans.

We use special methods to ensure that the specialty coffee beans don’t lose their flavour and aroma during the decaffeinating process. Therefore, you can enjoy a rich and pleasant flavour from your coffee without having to worry about the caffeine content.

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Other Fantastic Products for Specialty Coffee from Kahwati

Coffee pods

Apart from the coffee beans, there are a few other products that you can also try for the specialty coffee. Here is a brief overview here’s what you can get from Kahwati.

Discovery Box | Specialty Coffee Pods | Single Origin Arabica

The Nespresso-compatible coffee pods give you the convenience of making coffee easily at your home. Kahwati’s discovery box comes with dark and medium roast coffee pods. In addition to that, these coffee beans are freshly roasted in London so you can expect to get fresh beans.

Moreover, these specialty coffee pods are recyclable so you can have peace of mind that these products are environmentally friendly. Besides that, we source the coffee beans from the RFA (Rainforest Alliance) Certified independent farms.

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Buy the Exceptional Specialty Coffee Beans Today!

The specialty coffee gives you an exceptional taste and flavour. Therefore, it is worth the try if you want to experience something new and different from your coffee.

Moreover, the wide range of coffee blends gives you various options to choose from. So you can try any one of them according to your taste and preference.



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